Fire Protection for Duct Systems

Fire Protection for Duct Systems

Intumescent Coating for Duct Systems – Wincoat

2 hours Fire-rated Smoke Extraction Ductwork System.

A fire rated ductwork system is designed to convey smoke, hot gases and flame from area to area, and to supply air combustion in the fire area. For this purpose and reason, it is essential to provide fire protection of a duct system to life safety and of course the protection of building and property.

We supply WinCoat – an intumescent coating which is made in Austria. This is the state-of-the-art technology for ductwork fire protection in the world using intumescent coating technology which have been mostly using for fire protection of steel structures for years.

When it is under the heat caused from fire, this coating layer will swell up from 25 to 40 times to protect the gavalnized ductwork up to 4 hours.

The product is tested and certified according to BS 476 part 24, AS 1530.4, or TCVN 9311 (under Vietnam local building code)

The product shows features and benefits which the existing products now in the market cannot perform, such as:

1.  Economy Aspect:

•  Cost saving:

– Wincoat is water-based coating which can be applied for any shape of ductworks and consume very low wastage.
– Wincoat can be used with normal gasket which is very much cheaper than Fire-rated gasket and sealant.

•  Time saving:

– Simply apply by spraying or rolling.

•  Space saving:

– The paint thickness is just 0.6mm

•  Labour cost saving:

– Quick and easy application at shop or at site.

2.     Efficiency:

– Very smooth white surface which allows us for diversified decoration.
– High Impact Resistance.

3.     Environmental Aspect:

– Low VOC due to water-based coating.


FyreWrap® Elite® 1.5 Duct Insulation is a single layer flexible duct wrap enclosure for 1- and 2-hour fire-rated air distribution systems (ADS ducts). Typical duct types include smoke control, hazardous exhaust, laboratory chemical fume, stairwell and vestibule pressurization, ventilation, supply/return ducts, commercial dryer exhaust, as well as refuse and linen chutes. This slim, compact design is an alternate to code prescribed fire-rated shafts and results in significant weight, space and labor savings when compared to traditional shafts.

  • EI120 Fire Rated Ducts

EI120 Fire Rated Ducts offers the following features:

– 1- and 2-hour fire-rated enclosure (3 hour available)

– Alternate to fire-rated shaft

– Zero clearance to combustibles at all locations on blanket wrap

– Saves weight, space, labor

– Thin, lightweight single-layer system

– High-temperature, biosoluble insulation

– Durable foil-scrim covering

– GREENGUARD listed for Microbial Resistance

– This flexible, fire protection wrap meets the requirements defined by the Mechanical Code and is an alternative to a traditional fire-rated shaft wall enclosure around ducts. It is used to wrap HVAC ducts, stairwell pressurization ducts and smoke extraction ducts and provide critical fire protection and life safety.